Wednesday, May 5, 2010

LO Redo

This week's challenge at Scrap Tiffany is to redo an old LO. I found this challenge kind of difficult because I really try NOT to go back and redo old LOs. I mean, when I look at my albums there are a lot of LOs that I want to go back and redo (and some that make me absolutely cringe), but if I redo old LOs, I'll never scrap anything new. Plus, I think the old LOs show how I have chaged and grown (and improved) as a scrap artist. With all that being said, here is a truly cringeworthy old LO that I was happy to redo.

The original (yes, I am embarrassed to show you):

We don't need detail shots on that one.

My Redo:


I kept the original photo and quote and I was inspired by the original black and white color scheme.

I kept it simple so it wouldn't look too terribly out of place in its album. Of course, now I want to go redo EVERY LO in that album...


  1. I'm with you--don't look back (at least not to redo!). Love your do-over, but honestly, I don't think the original was all that bad. You should see some of my first pages--yikes!!
    Love your flowers!

  2. This is fabulous. You kept the same "feel" with a current kick! I had such a hard time redoing mine too.

  3. That's beautiful!! I love the pp, it's gorgeous!
    Your original wasn't that bad - you should see some of mine, lol!