Monday, March 15, 2010

Trim Shoppe Heaven

My hubby, Scott, is a teacher and he is on Spring Break this week...woo-hoo!!! Today we decided to take Skylar and one of his favorite playmates, his cousin Ryleigh, to Fossil Rim Wildlife Park in Glen Rose. The kiddos had a blast feeding the animals (and thought it was hilarious when Mommy got licked by a giraffe!).

After we left, I wanted to hit a few of the little shops in the historic downtown square. There was this one shop, I think it was called the Junkyard Dog, that had trunkloads of gorgeous home decor trim...and they were selling most of them for $2 a yard!!! Jackpot!!!

OK, all of my recent posts have been about shopping...I need to post some new LOs! I have been doing my DT work for Anthologies Connection and can't post those yet, but look for another sneak peek soon.

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