Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Obsession that is Etsy

OK, so I am a complete etsy addict. I mean, seriously, I have a problem...I need a 12-step program. What do I buy on etsy? Stuff to scrap with, of course. It's like one obsession in the midst of a much bigger obsession, I know. There are nights when I will be in bed and I can't sleep because I can't stop thinking about search terms to try on etsy ('vintage circus' 'vintage gumball prize' 'vintage party favor') that will lead me to cool stuff to scrap with. That's crazy. Today my hubby was home early from work and (unfortunately) intercepted a package on its way to the door. Since the package was from Japan, he wanted to know what was inside. It was a fat corner of fabric. He thinks I have lost my mind. "You ordered fabric from JAPAN just so you could scrapbook with it?!?!?!" Um, yea. And it's gorgeous, completely worth it, and the Japanese stamps on the package are like a bonus gift, thank you very much. But I have to admit, it does sound worse when you hear someone else say it out loud. Maybe I can program the parental controls on my computer to block etsy...maybe my husband has already done that..I better go check.

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