Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome to Candy Land

So, about a year ago I got it into my head that I absolutely NEEDED to buy some vintage board games, specifically Candy Land. I searched antique malls and flea markets and etsy. No luck. Then one day I was at an antique mall with a friend and she got a little bit ahead of me, got to a booth before I did, found a vintage Candy Land, and BOUGHT IT FOR HERSELF! Argh! (I'm just kidding, I love you Amy!) Then, a few weeks ago, my little boy was sick and a sweet co-worker of my hubby sent home a Candy Land game to make Skylar feel better. I opened it and - surprise - the board was SO CUTE! It looked vintage! (I think the version we have is called the Reminisce Edition - it's the old game board.) Well, why have I been searching so hard for an old one?!?!?!
Then last week I went to Toys R Us to shop for Easter basket stuff and this version of Candy Land was on sale for $4.99! Of course, I bought one, forgot about Easter stuff, came home, and started playing with MY new toy!
First I cut the board up to make pages for a book:

I painted and stickled the edges to hide the exposed cardboard, covered the backs with paper and fabric, then Glimmer Misted everything to within an inch of its life! Then I set about doing the pages with all the game pieces, game cards, scrap supplies, and bits of ephemera!
Finished Album - "Sometimes I think you live in Candy Land":

Front Cover:


A friend of mine told me that my big fat albums are 'over the top' - I took this as a HUGE compliment (thanks Linda!). I hope she thinks this one is over the top, too!


  1. This album is absolutely "over the top"--amazing! Great work!

  2. Oh that is just so incredibly fabulous! What a wonderful, clever idea.

  3. PLEEEEEEEEZZEE bring the candyland book to the store for me to see. I will be there Monday 9-3 if you can stop by. I have got to see and touch the pages. I absolutely love it. (OH, and if you wouldn't mind a tutorial on your flowers one day). Your new fan, Rhonda

  4. Thank you, Rhonda! I'll bring it in soon. Which flowers would you like a tutorial on? I could post one!

  5. OMG---April, you have gone off the deep end!!!!
    Your LOs are truly amazing!!! I guess we all better watch out for you---anything that's not nailed down will be in your scrapbook...I take that back! I'm sure you probably have the tools to use on retrieving anything to put in your scrapbook!! Luv 'ya, Linda:)

  6. This is C*R*A*Z*Y Cute! Definitely on my "to do" list! Thanks for sharing.

  7. lovely april!!! love everything about it!!!

  8. AMAZING book you are so talented so bright, colorful bet the kids love lookin at it adults too full candyland effect. cupcakes, pom poms, and tassels supercute and adorable kiddos.

  9. OH my goodness! I love this!

  10. Love this! I think fat 'minis' are the best! So many great textures, fun to look at!