Friday, April 2, 2010


OK, so these are 2 LOs I made about my little boy's first trip to Starbucks. First of all, yes, my 3 yr old drinks Starbucks (actually he wasn't even 2 yet when these pics were taken). Don't judge. Second, yes, I had my camera with me when I took him there for the first time. I'm a scrapper and he's my only child :) This means I have pictures of lots of firsts most people might ignore - his first Mexican food, his first time to wear shoes, his first time to sit in a high chair in a restaurant, his first time to get sick...well, maybe it does sound crazy, but that's OK.
Coffee Break:


BTW, there are lots of little elements from the Anthologies Connection April kit on these LOs. Even after my DT work, I still had lots left over to play with!

And yes, that is the actual stir stick and cup sleeve from that visit...told you I was a little crazy about the scrapping :)


  1. These are darling layouts. I love that you still had leftovers from the Connections kit and were able to make more LOs!

  2. Wallet, Cellphone, CAMERA...don't leave home without it. And my babies are all teens.