Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Luxury of Lace

I spent today at the flea market and found the best booth ever. This sweet old lady had bought the entire contents of a 1950s lingere factory and had rows and rows of FABULOUS lace, ribbon, and trim and was selling it all dirt cheap! I'm talking 10yds for $1 here people!!!!!!!!! And all in super yummy Spring colors like coral, aqua, lemon yellow, Kelly green...drool:)

Check out my new stash:

A few of my faves:

Now if I can only figure out how to store 200 yards of lace (preferably before the hubby sees it)!! Any suggestions?

Vintage Valentines are some of my favorite things to buy:

And I'm super excited about my new treasure toy trove:


  1. OMG, you really scored with those laces! Where is this flea market? Can't wait to see what you do with it all.

  2. What nice finds! Is it local? If so, where is it please?

    Cathy Taguwa

  3. OK, I will share my secret sources, but only with you guys ;) The flea market is Buchanan's (, which is held once a month in Dallas. All of the lace and Valnetines and some of the toys came from there. Some of the toys came from a fabulous little shop called Through the Keyhole, which is in Dallas at the corner of Preston and Forest. Susan, we should get together with Tracy and organize a field trip for the May flea market!

  4. wow oh wow! You're right - I need to go next time. This woman could be my "drug" supplier :)

    love your little toys - they would be great in some altered projects. Now I need some of those, too!

  5. I should have asked - did you go to the Buchanan's at Fair Park or Market Hall? Next month's is at Market Hall - will the lace lady be there?

  6. What a great price, worth having to find a hiding place!

  7. Erica, it was at Fair Park this month. I think it's at Market Hall next month. The lace lady told me she would be there. I'll be really upset if she's not...I need my fix :)