Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My New Digs

So, what have I been doing lately? Well, I decided to do a major household declutter, purge, and rearranging/repurposing of rooms (DH is SOOOOO happy to be spending his summer vacation this way, LOL). As part of the plan, I moved into a new scrap room! My old scrap room was originally the breakfast room converted into a crafting space (our kitchen leads to a separate breakfast room on one side and a separate dining room on the other side...we didn't really need two eating areas).

On the one hand I loved it because I was within easy reach of the kitchen sink and I could spread out to the bar and kitchen counters when I was doing a big project. On the other hand, I hated that it didn't have a door, which meant that DS's little hands often found their way into my scrappy supplies.

So we decided to convert the breakfast room back into an eating space, the dining room into a play room and the master closet into my scrap room. Now, I know what you are thinking...a closet?!!?! It's a large closet. I have two 3 foot scrap tables in there and still have more than half of the space available for storage!!

It's been a long couple of weeks, but everything is finished now and my home is the picture of organized Container Store perfection, which makes this neat freak very, very happy!

Here's a little peek into my new scrap world! I'll post more pics later.

Embellishment Shelf:

Printers Tray used as shelf for my tiny treasures:


Fabric and large artisan paper on hangers:

Paper towel holders mounted on the wall for gaffer tape storage (because I can't get enough of that stuff):

Some of my ribbon storage:

Some of my paper storage:

Scrapbooks in progress all lined up:

Paint and mist storage on the back of the door:


  1. wow what an awesome space. you are so lucky.

  2. looks great! Cant wait to see it in person! We need to have a no kid scrap play date! LOL

  3. Looks AMAZING, April. I have one question: where are you keeping all your clothes???

  4. Wow...looks awesome!
    Exactly...where are all the clothes???

  5. Ok, I was waiting for someone to ask about the clothes (: My clothes were never in there, only DH's. When we first moved into this house about 5 yrs ago (before I had a child), my first passion was fashion...not scrapping. So I converted the guest bedroom into a closet. It is AMAZING. It's hot pink with white built ins. I purged my clothing collection and hubs moved into my closet. After ten years of marriage we are now sharing a closet for the first time. Scary.

  6. Hugs to hubby for giving up his closet for your scapping passion! I'm picturing he has a little 2 foot space of your closet!!

  7. HAHA. He made me give up a whole wall...the one with a top and a bottm rack. It was worth it.

    He only got one shoe storage rack, though. Don't push me on the shoes.

  8. I used to have a craft room in a large walk in closet and I LOVED it. It had more storage than you could imagine. I love your fabric storage, wish I had room to do that!

  9. Great storage ideas April. Love the paper towel "rack" for tape.

  10. ummmm,,,hi april!,,it's me nely,,im raising my hand here!,,,ummm,,can you please come to my house and arrange MY scrapbook room please!!!,,,pretty, pretty please!!!,,,lol!!,,j/k. your space looks awesome and soooo neat!!!,,i dream of mine looking anywhere near this!!!,,,i really love the shelf where you keep all your tiny treasures!!!,,,tiny treasures are awesome!!!


  11. Dang April!!! I'm with Nely, after you finish with her in Cali, can you come on out to STL and help me with my room!! The paper towel holder idea is awesome! I will have to do that! Great ideas and thanks so much for sharing with us!

  12. WOW! This is definitly not my idea of a closet-LOL! What a fantastic space! I like so many things about it, but I love the painted paper towel holders used as storage for gaffer tape- genius! Thank you for sharing your space and ideas!

  13. Wow! It looks like you have more space and storage than I do with having an entire bedroom for my scrappy space.

  14. I wish I had a closet big enough for clothes let alone a crafting area. Kudos for DH to agree the change but i'm sure having the eating area back is a bonus all around.